A prelude to prepare for the future

The mainstream media and channels have compulsions that force them to paint a rosy picture of the country by citing GDP figures or other such specious statistics. The fact remains that India along with much of the globe including the United States is heading for a major economic disaster. This disaster could take as long as 24 to 26 years to emerge out of. By such time capitalism would have taken a severe beating or would survive in a totally different form. It's difficult to predict when exactly the crash is due to come or as Christ puts it at what hour of night the thief would come. It's however inevitable considering the fact that the global economy rather than allowing self-correction is intervening to supply more and more debts available to giant corporate entities which are already deep in the red. I will take the instance of India. This does not mean that crony capitalism is restricted to India or operates only in this country. It's part of the global scenario. However, a instance closer home drives home the fact better. Before I foray into the instance however, I would like to make one thing clear. Governments come and go and they are all run by the same set of industrialists from behind the scenes. Unfortunately the country cannot vote bureaucrats and industrialists funding these politicians out of power. These politicians cutting across party lines have been doing a heavy disservice for India. Yesterday, the Congress high command was sucking up to the owners of Reliance. Today the current government is doing much the same. The only purpose of signing a defense deal with France is to allow Anil Ambani who is deeply in the red to kick start weapons spare parts manufacturing companies and avail more pubic sector bank loans for this purpose. Every decision taken by the government favors one or the other industrial family or its interests. The government of India has long ceased to be an autonomous body. It has been reduced to a bunch of lackeys who will slavishly pander to the greed of the select industrial families who have entrenched their say in running the country. IN such circumstances, what does the future hold? We as a country need to contemplate on how to outlive these mindless exercise of elections and chest-thumping over our favorite political party or positioning ourselves as leftists or centrists or right wingers. We need to pursue rational thought to combat this evil of crony capitalism that enjoys debt-driven finances and drives the entire country into deeper and deeper pit. I will talk about the solution in the next article.

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