HC no to hearing on merit of RBI case

Our petitioner Manoranjan Roy had drawn the attention of the High Court to the following facts for which he demanded that the RBI be made accountable to the public and conduct itself in a transparent manner. Among the points brought to notice were chances of duplication of notes, impossibility of printing seven digit notes, RBI's dealing with soiled notes among other things. On 23rd August, after putting Roy to extreme inconvenience over a period of a month and after having the President of the country intervene, the case was shifted to a new division bench of the High Court. On the said date Roy's lawyer was unavailable and a person representing Roy sought an adjournment to a future date. The judges refused to adjourn the case and disposed it off. The most inexplicable phenomenon in this is that the High Court returned the Rs. 1 lakh money it had taken from Roy as deposit. If Roy had lost the case why are you returning the deposit? That point needs to be explored. Secondly on speaking to counsel for Roy, Shashikant Chaudari, it was learnt that Roy has decided to challenge the order in the Supreme Court. Chaudari told Venkysgossipcorner that the merits of the case were not discussed. In his opinion, the case merited a public interest litigation and the order will certainly be contested.

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