Roy prepares for the countdown

It's count down moment for our RTI activist Manoranjan Roy as he braced himself for a full-fledged court battle even as the Bombay High Court judge asked him to take back the petition and his Rs. one lakh deposit. The Public Interest Litigation (PIL) was filed against the RBI for discrepancy in the information it provides about the total number of currency notes of different denominations. The struggle has been going on for quite sometime now. Roy managed to beat all odds and deposit the sum of Rs. one lakh in the court by 22nd July. In addition Roy has also added a chamber summons to the earlier petition which surprised the division bench of the Bombay High Court. It may be recalled that Roy wanted the RBI to explain where and how the discrepancy in the number of notes supplied to RBI from its printing press and the number of currency notes the RBI put into use for circulation and storage surfaced.

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