Attempts to financially cripple litigant

As a sequel to the incident that led the high court to insist that our RTI activist Manoranjan Roy retain the same lawyer to proceed with his petition against the Reserve Bank of India, the Bombay High Court in its subsequent hearing asked Manoranjan Roy to deposit a sum of Rs. 1 lakh to proceed with the case since he has sought to change the lawyers and counsel representing him. Earlier, it was brought to light that when the former lawyer of Manoranjan Roy had given him a NOC to change counsel, the High Court reprimanded the lawyer as to why he had granted the NOC. Now Manoranjan Roy has the option of petitioning the Supreme court against this order but he does not want to waste time in unnecessary litigation. He seeks to raise Rs. 1 lakh in the form of donations from people as he is fighting this case in the public interest. He has gone to the extent of stating that he does not want donations in cash but in the form of stamp paper supporting the petition he has filed in the High court in the interests of maintaining absolute transparency. As a law point, it needs to be mentioned here that the act of changing counsel during the course of battling a legal petition in court is the prerogative of the complainant and has no monetary bearing whatsoever in the form of court fees. It should also be noted that it would be unfair on the part of any body to attempt to financially cripple a litigant in the hope that he retracts his petition. Unfortunately, our justice system over the years has deteriorated to such an extent that we get to witness this phenomenon. Those who wish to contact or contribute to the litigant Manoranjan Roy can do so at the following number: 09820770978.

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