Gujarat govt. sleeps on cheap energy project

WEPRO, an Israeli tidal power plant has given a quotation of 850,000 US dollars per MW for setting up a tidal power plant in Gujarat coast line. This compares favorably to US $ 900,000 per MW for setting up a gas power plant, 1.5 million dollar per MW for coal and 1.5 million dollar per MW for wind energy power plant. The cost of setting up the plant will be some Rs. 1000 crore. The Gujarat government has asked WEPRO to invest its own money if it wanted to set up the plant. As it's a high risk venture, the company did not favor that proposal. The government is unwilling to secure funding for a cheap source of power from its own coffers as of now. From the statistical point of view, the cost of producing 1 KW of tidal electricity is .01 US $ compared to .03 US $ for coal .035 US $ for gas, .12 US $ for Solar and . 036 US $ for wind.

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