Why Bihari villagers come to BJP rallies?

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By Krushik Rao There is a good reason why the Bihari villagers come to attend BJP's electoral rallies. It was disclosed that the BJP employs 30 helicopters in its poll campaign in Bihar as against two helicopters used by Nitish and Lalu Yadav of the Maha Ghat bandan. The villagers come in large numbers for the BJP rallies to see the helicopters. They have no interest whatsoever in what the BJP leader is speaking on the dais. They stare in awe at the helicopters making a landing and taking off. The leaders themselves have witnessed this phenomenon but dare not acknowledge it publicly. Barring Modi's rallies for which the Party organizes crowds to come from remote corners by spending a lot of money for their attendance and food, all other BJP leaders attract crowds that keep staring at their copters.