Saffron's growth plans

By Venkatesh Raghavan & Krushik Rao Make no mistakes. The BJP has grand plans of growth but not for the nation. It's only for the party cadres. They have a three-year plan to install a modern Party office fitted with all amenities in every district of India. For example, in Mumbai, there are six Lok Sabha constituencies. Each LS constituency is treated as a district and will have full-fledged Party office not less than 2000 square feet. The slated date for achieving this target is by the end of three years of their rule at the center. The offices will be fully owned by the BJP and not on lease. Right now architects and interior designers are busy thrashing out the details for the party offices to be set up. In addition, the BJP also has a five-year plan under the aegis of PM Narendra Modi. According to the five-year plan, every assembly constituency in the country will be fitted with a state-of-the-art modern BJP party office. Obviously, they plan to wrap up their real estate bonanza before completing their first term in office. Money for these two projects is in full flow. While a small part of the money is being raised from members of the public, crony capitalist friends of the BJP will be funding the lion's share of the construction and maintenance costs.

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