A prelude to prepare for the future

The mainstream media and channels have compulsions that force them to paint a rosy picture of the country by citing GDP figures or other such specious statistics. The fact remains that India along with much of the globe including the United States is heading for a major economic disaster. This disaster could take as long as 24 to 26 years to emerge out of. By such time capitalism would have taken a severe beating or would survive in a totally different form. It's difficult to predict when exactly the crash is due to come or as Christ puts it at what hour of night the thief would come. It's however inevitable considering the fact that the global economy rather than allowing self-correction is intervening to supply more and more debts available to giant corporate entities which are already deep in the red. I will take the instance of India. This does not mean that crony capitalism is restricted to India or operates only in this country. It's part of the global scenario. However, a instance closer home drives home the fact better. Before I foray into the instance however, I would like to make one thing clear. Governments come and go and they are all run by the same set of industrialists from behind the scenes. Unfortunately the country cannot vote bureaucrats and industrialists funding these politicians out of power. These politicians cutting across party lines have been doing a heavy disservice for India. Yesterday, the Congress high command was sucking up to the owners of Reliance. Today the current government is doing much the same. The only purpose of signing a defense deal with France is to allow Anil Ambani who is deeply in the red to kick start weapons spare parts manufacturing companies and avail more pubic sector bank loans for this purpose. Every decision taken by the government favors one or the other industrial family or its interests. The government of India has long ceased to be an autonomous body. It has been reduced to a bunch of lackeys who will slavishly pander to the greed of the select industrial families who have entrenched their say in running the country. IN such circumstances, what does the future hold? We as a country need to contemplate on how to outlive these mindless exercise of elections and chest-thumping over our favorite political party or positioning ourselves as leftists or centrists or right wingers. We need to pursue rational thought to combat this evil of crony capitalism that enjoys debt-driven finances and drives the entire country into deeper and deeper pit. I will talk about the solution in the next article.

HC no to hearing on merit of RBI case

Our petitioner Manoranjan Roy had drawn the attention of the High Court to the following facts for which he demanded that the RBI be made accountable to the public and conduct itself in a transparent manner. Among the points brought to notice were chances of duplication of notes, impossibility of printing seven digit notes, RBI's dealing with soiled notes among other things. On 23rd August, after putting Roy to extreme inconvenience over a period of a month and after having the President of the country intervene, the case was shifted to a new division bench of the High Court. On the said date Roy's lawyer was unavailable and a person representing Roy sought an adjournment to a future date. The judges refused to adjourn the case and disposed it off. The most inexplicable phenomenon in this is that the High Court returned the Rs. 1 lakh money it had taken from Roy as deposit. If Roy had lost the case why are you returning the deposit? That point needs to be explored. Secondly on speaking to counsel for Roy, Shashikant Chaudari, it was learnt that Roy has decided to challenge the order in the Supreme Court. Chaudari told Venkysgossipcorner that the merits of the case were not discussed. In his opinion, the case merited a public interest litigation and the order will certainly be contested.

Roy wins race against time; beats odds

Good news friends. Our RTI activist Manoranjan Roy who petitioned the Bombay High Court against the RBI for inconsistencies in their data regarding the number of currency notes of various denominations has won the race against time that was mandated by the Bombay High Court. It may be recalled that the court on 8th July had set the deadline of 22nd July for the litigant to deposit one lakh rupees with the court if he wanted to proceed with the case to the next hearing which is slated for 29th July. Before I narrate the sequence of events that led to Roy escaping the virtual death trap, I will reproduce here the copy of the order below. To enable the learned counsel appearing for the petitioner to take instruction from the petitioner, this PIL was adjourned till 1 July 2016. Notwithstanding the displeasure recorded by the Court in the order dated 1 July 2016, learned advocate who appears for the petitioner today seeks permission to appear. 2. Though the petitioner is not entitled, only by way of indulgence, we grant time of two weeks to the petitioner subject to depositing a sum of Rs. 1 lakh in this Court towards costs of this petition. 3. We make it clear that if the petitioner fails to deposit the amount in the Court within a period of 2 weeks from today, the petition will stand dismissed for non-prosecution. Only, if the amount is deposited, it will be open for the new advocate to file vakalatnama after obtaining no objection from the earlier advocate. 4. Place the PIL on 29th July 2016 (HOB). The written order was loaded after 8.15 on 21 July 2016. Manoranjan Roy kept regularly checking for the loaded order and detected it. The next day morning he rushed to the High Court. The court authorities pointed out that there was a inconsistency in the order. The para numbered 2 states towards costs of this petition. The third paragraph states the petitioner has to deposit the amount in the court. After a long argument, the court authority asked Manoranjan Roy to deposit a Demand Draft worth Rs. 1 lakh. By that time it was 1.15 p.m. Roy rushed to State Bank of India which bluntly told him that the demand draft could not be issued for amounts more than Rs. 50,000 and they cannot issue two demand drafts on a day. He rushed to an adjoining bank and here again he met with stiff resistance. He however, managed to phone up one of his business friends who ensured that the draft was in place in the nick of time. Roy has already deposited the DD of Rs. one lakh with the Court. The next day of hearing is July 29th. Kindly wait for the drama to unfold. Having complied with the order, Roy will challenge the loaded order in the higher court.

Roy prepares for the countdown

It's count down moment for our RTI activist Manoranjan Roy as he braced himself for a full-fledged court battle even as the Bombay High Court judge asked him to take back the petition and his Rs. one lakh deposit. The Public Interest Litigation (PIL) was filed against the RBI for discrepancy in the information it provides about the total number of currency notes of different denominations. The struggle has been going on for quite sometime now. Roy managed to beat all odds and deposit the sum of Rs. one lakh in the court by 22nd July. In addition Roy has also added a chamber summons to the earlier petition which surprised the division bench of the Bombay High Court. It may be recalled that Roy wanted the RBI to explain where and how the discrepancy in the number of notes supplied to RBI from its printing press and the number of currency notes the RBI put into use for circulation and storage surfaced.

Race against time for the RBI litigant

The RTI activist and litigant in the Bombay High Court, Manoranjan Roy who has petitioned for clarity on the supply and circulation of currency notes of different denominations from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is now facing a race against time to raise a fund of Rs. 1 lakh as ordered by the honourable court for purpose of proceeding with the hearing of the case with a fresh counsel in place. The High Court had allotted him two weeks time from the date of the oral order (8th July 2016) to raise the funds. The next date of hearing for this case is 29th of July. The deadline for the deposition of Rs. 1 lakh is 22nd July. The judge has asked for a cash deposit. However, the judge is yet to load the order which disables Manoranjan from appealing against the order or challenging it in a higher court. You might recall that this hearing was highlighted in the previous article on this site. However, we have added facts for purpose of notifying our readers about the deadline against which Manoranjan is working.