How to implement the law of love

It's an art of scientific visualization. The mind always works with the idea of association. We associate monsoons with a person carrying an umbrella. We associate romance with pink color. We associate the scorching sun with kids drinking ice cold lemon juice. The idea of association works subconsciously and is not known to us. Artists however, use this idea consciously to generate images that will help your mind capture the idea they want to portray. Let's talk more about the idea of association with a practical demonstration. Say you want to portray the idea that school has just begun for kids. You show kids playing in the sun with their school bags kept a distance away in a play field. This indicates that the first day is over (as it's usually a half-day) and the kids are enjoying their reunion after school hours. Similarly, the idea of association works with disseminating love too. Needless to say it requires some imagination to be stretched. Think of the skin covering your body in front of your chest opening up like a door and think of the rib cage that it stores. Think of pink light coming out of this rib cage and erupting like a fountain, entering your head and in a few minutes covering your entire body. This is the art of giving love. This helps you develop the culture of humility and love towards fellow human beings. The second exercise that is recommended is a sequel to the first one. If you feel like sending bouts of love to someone special or someone whom you find desirable imagine the pink light emanating from the spot just above the center of your two eyebrows. Imagine that the light reaches the corresponding spot of the person whom you wish to direct it at. It does send love to that person. However, remember there is no guarantee that the person whom you sent love to will reciprocate in same measure. The plus thing in this is that you have started sending love to people and you in turn will be a recipient of love from other souls.

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