Time to begin the law of love

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We have completed a quick run through the 13 royal bloodlines and their activities and their geneses. It's now time to look at what's possible to escape the situations that are created by these Zionist forces. One thing that should be borne in mind is that revenge is never a solution. We can't approach them with a vengeance and hit back at them for destroying the world. What we can do instead is conquer with love. Love is the all conquering force that can change life on planet earth and make it a much better place to live in. In short, we have to figure out how to radiate love and source love from a divine mentor and spread it across the entire living spectrum. The force of love is dynamic. Ever seen trainers moving around freely in the tiger's cage? The animal is sharp enough to sense your emotion. If your emotion is fear it is most likely to attack you. But if your emotion is love, it will radiate love back to you and won't disturb you in whatever you are doing. In fact, in Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book there is a lesson to be learnt. Animals communicate through their subconscious mind and are able to understand one another's intentions. However, human beings are yet to learn the art. Though we claim that we are a very advanced civilization and have landed on moon and so on, we are yet to learn the basics of communication. How to communicate with the animal world or world of birds. I will give you a simple story. Once there was a grandmother who was ignored by her daughter-in-law and son. Her grandson loved her. The grandmother used to feed the birds in the evening sun daily. The daughter-in-law of the house regarded this as an useless chore and was contemptuous of her mother-in-law. One day the grandmother passed away. The son and daughter-in-law performed the rituals and that evening the daughter-in-law scattered crumbs of food in the evening sun light. The birds circled around and made a lot of noise. But not one bird would touch that crumb with its beak. So birds and animals understand the emotion of love. They understand ill-treatment of their loved ones. They also understand the passing away of a loved one. There is much intelligence to be gained from the animal world and plant world. However, I will talk to you about radiating love and the laws of love in my next blog.