The Van Duyn Bloodline

The Van Duyn, the last of the 13 royal bloodlines is of Dutch origin. You are right, they trace their roots to Netherlands. They set up shop in what is modern day America's New York city. The title Van in Dutch parlance is something close to the title Von in German Noble families. It's accorded the same respectability in Netherlands. The Van Duyns are a low profile royal bloodline. Their association with witch craft which was prevalent in those days in the New Netherlands area strikes a cord when it's learnt that the family chose New Netherlands for its tolerant and liberal attitude towards witch craft. if you are looking for prominent names, there is Mona Van Duyn who was the first female poetess to win a Pulitzer prize. It's alleged in literary circles that the Pulitzer does not come without a family pull element in such subjective fields. The current day Van Duyn families or elites trace their root back to supporters of William of Orange. One of the prominent Van Duyns in the late nineteenth till mid twentieth centuries is Edward Seguin Van Duyn. Edward was a surgeon and he participated in World War I. He was instrumental in setting up the planned parenthood center for Syracuse. This dealt with abortion, contraception, sterilization and other devices that were held to be a strict taboo by the various Christian denominations of those times and even now. The Van Duyn family also had a major participation in MI6 which is British Intelligence that was instrumental in setting up Mossad and CIA.

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