The Reynolds Bloodline

It’s a filthy rich satanic bloodline with most of its money hidden behind companies that have front names. The Reynolds bloodline has intimate ties with all the other royal bloodlines when it comes to satanic rituals and practices. The major source of income for this bloodline is drug dealership. Besides drugs, the family has substantial stakes in banking, tobacco and aluminum. In addition, a significantly large number of this satanic bloodline has got into the cremation business. This helps the bloodline in disposal of bodies after performing human sacrifice. Their being in the cremation business is no accident. The Reynolds family is known to have a strangling monopolistic grip over the manufacture of car thermostats and other car parts. To help you understand the scale of the stranglehold, it would suffice to say that three American major auto companies, buy all their spares from Robertshaw Controls Company which is completely owned by the Reynolds family. You may wonder how these other three companies don’t mind the monopoly. The fact is that all these three majors are owned by Illuminati families and they consider Reynolds as an ilk of their own. Passing on to the tobacco and opium (drug trade), the Reynolds family has major financial interests and power holding in the RJ Reynolds Tobacco Co. To understand their role in the drug trade, you must know that the British elite got into shipping opium to China and other eastern destinations. The Illuminati families garnered a monopoly in the opium trade. The Reynolds family had a significant share of this monopoly. The Reynolds family was very close to the Dukes. The Reynolds and Dukes escaped paying taxes by setting up tax-free foundation. Examples of such foundations are the Z Smith Reynolds Foundation, which was established in 1936 in North Carolina and the Kate B Reynolds Foundation established in 1946 in the same state. What’s sinister about the Reynolds holding such tax free foundations? It’s easy to explain. You have to examine the flow of funds from this foundation. Colleges, universities, a variety of Christian denominations like Methodists and Baptists, government agencies dealing with children and social services and even the police force are the recipients of these funds. Thus this Illuminati family controls crucial sectors of public life and has an iron grip on the government and members of the public. One interesting character who worked for the Reynolds was Colin Stokes. In the six year span between 1958 and 1964, Stokes was the director of William and Kate B Reynolds Memorial Park and also a trustee of the Wake Forest University. The thrust of the matter is however, not the funds and control they exercised over the community and government at large. The thrust on the contrary, is the intimate relationship and ties they had with all the other royal bloodlines in the Illuminati circles. Don’t be surprised that the last names of people operating within the Reynolds fold are different. It’s their modus operandi to hide their family name behind different last names.

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