How to implement the law of love

It's an art of scientific visualization. The mind always works with the idea of association. We associate monsoons with a person carrying an umbrella. We associate romance with pink color. We associate the scorching sun with kids drinking ice cold lemon juice. The idea of association works subconsciously and is not known to us. Artists however, use this idea consciously to generate images that will help your mind capture the idea they want to portray. Let's talk more about the idea of association with a practical demonstration. Say you want to portray the idea that school has just begun for kids. You show kids playing in the sun with their school bags kept a distance away in a play field. This indicates that the first day is over (as it's usually a half-day) and the kids are enjoying their reunion after school hours. Similarly, the idea of association works with disseminating love too. Needless to say it requires some imagination to be stretched. Think of the skin covering your body in front of your chest opening up like a door and think of the rib cage that it stores. Think of pink light coming out of this rib cage and erupting like a fountain, entering your head and in a few minutes covering your entire body. This is the art of giving love. This helps you develop the culture of humility and love towards fellow human beings. The second exercise that is recommended is a sequel to the first one. If you feel like sending bouts of love to someone special or someone whom you find desirable imagine the pink light emanating from the spot just above the center of your two eyebrows. Imagine that the light reaches the corresponding spot of the person whom you wish to direct it at. It does send love to that person. However, remember there is no guarantee that the person whom you sent love to will reciprocate in same measure. The plus thing in this is that you have started sending love to people and you in turn will be a recipient of love from other souls.

Time to begin the law of love

We have completed a quick run through the 13 royal bloodlines and their activities and their geneses. It's now time to look at what's possible to escape the situations that are created by these Zionist forces. One thing that should be borne in mind is that revenge is never a solution. We can't approach them with a vengeance and hit back at them for destroying the world. What we can do instead is conquer with love. Love is the all conquering force that can change life on planet earth and make it a much better place to live in. In short, we have to figure out how to radiate love and source love from a divine mentor and spread it across the entire living spectrum. The force of love is dynamic. Ever seen trainers moving around freely in the tiger's cage? The animal is sharp enough to sense your emotion. If your emotion is fear it is most likely to attack you. But if your emotion is love, it will radiate love back to you and won't disturb you in whatever you are doing. In fact, in Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book there is a lesson to be learnt. Animals communicate through their subconscious mind and are able to understand one another's intentions. However, human beings are yet to learn the art. Though we claim that we are a very advanced civilization and have landed on moon and so on, we are yet to learn the basics of communication. How to communicate with the animal world or world of birds. I will give you a simple story. Once there was a grandmother who was ignored by her daughter-in-law and son. Her grandson loved her. The grandmother used to feed the birds in the evening sun daily. The daughter-in-law of the house regarded this as an useless chore and was contemptuous of her mother-in-law. One day the grandmother passed away. The son and daughter-in-law performed the rituals and that evening the daughter-in-law scattered crumbs of food in the evening sun light. The birds circled around and made a lot of noise. But not one bird would touch that crumb with its beak. So birds and animals understand the emotion of love. They understand ill-treatment of their loved ones. They also understand the passing away of a loved one. There is much intelligence to be gained from the animal world and plant world. However, I will talk to you about radiating love and the laws of love in my next blog.

The Russell Bloodline

Unlike in other Royal bloodlines where a concrete genealogy could be established, it is difficult to identify a common thread in this bloodline. However, this bloodline is known for infiltrating the Jehovah's witnesses denomination of Christian preachers. The story begins with a legendary secret society, namely the Watchtower Society. It was founded by Charles Taze Russell. The Russell family has an interesting migratory history. They moved from Germany to Scotland and subsequently to Northern Ireland. For lack of roots in Ireland, they migrated to America the land of opportunities. They were deeply involved in all forms of satanism. A little about Charles T Russell and what he believed himself to be. Charles believed that he was the God's chosen man who was anointed to bring the world out of the dark ages. His sister Margaret gave him ample vocal support and propaganda in popularizing this theory. In fact, the story that they kept spreading was throughout the dark ages, God was waiting for his seed to sprout and now that Charles was among them as a preacher, the seed had spouted. Now a bit about the current day Russell family. They are instrumental in setting up a legal corporation by name The Russell Trust that is of the order of the Skull and Bones (Illuminati societies). Like all other societies, this Royal bloodline too has its fair share of satanic rituals and they are the typical wolves in sheep skin. For Christ had warned, "Beware of false prophets. They shall come to you in sheep's clothing. But inwardly they are ravening wolves." The Russell family is a typical example of such ravening wolves, controlling the church and preachers of God with their money power and subterfuge.

The Van Duyn Bloodline

The Van Duyn, the last of the 13 royal bloodlines is of Dutch origin. You are right, they trace their roots to Netherlands. They set up shop in what is modern day America's New York city. The title Van in Dutch parlance is something close to the title Von in German Noble families. It's accorded the same respectability in Netherlands. The Van Duyns are a low profile royal bloodline. Their association with witch craft which was prevalent in those days in the New Netherlands area strikes a cord when it's learnt that the family chose New Netherlands for its tolerant and liberal attitude towards witch craft. if you are looking for prominent names, there is Mona Van Duyn who was the first female poetess to win a Pulitzer prize. It's alleged in literary circles that the Pulitzer does not come without a family pull element in such subjective fields. The current day Van Duyn families or elites trace their root back to supporters of William of Orange. One of the prominent Van Duyns in the late nineteenth till mid twentieth centuries is Edward Seguin Van Duyn. Edward was a surgeon and he participated in World War I. He was instrumental in setting up the planned parenthood center for Syracuse. This dealt with abortion, contraception, sterilization and other devices that were held to be a strict taboo by the various Christian denominations of those times and even now. The Van Duyn family also had a major participation in MI6 which is British Intelligence that was instrumental in setting up Mossad and CIA.

The solution to the caste system

Where does the problem begin. You have heard the saying very often, "bache budapen ki lati hote hai." Roughly translated it means children are an insurance cover for our old age. One thing leads to the other. The belief that the children will look after us in our old age has led generations of parents to dote over their children even after they attain adulthood, pamper them, arrange their marriage and take all decisions on behalf of them despite the fact that they have thinking minds and need to cultivate decision making skills which are critical in life. This pampered breed of mama's boys and girls are too frightened to think for themselves. They are coerced into conforming with social norms. They are coerced into sacrificing their individual likes and dislikes for fear of losing financial security that the family affords. Consequently, the parents ensure that they create a dependency in their progeny's life till such time it's ripe for them to get their pay back. This is a very unhealthy trend that has accentuated the prevalence of caste discrimination. Dependency feeds on conformity. Conformity dictates that endogamy or marriage within same caste is the order of the day. This in turn ensures that caste discrimination is passed on from generation to generation undiluted. It's a good 69 years since independence and still our government is yet to evolve with a fail safe social security plan for the aged people so that they are allowed to live their own lives without hindrance. If social security norms are in place, the old saying will vanish. This will be incentive enough for parents to allow their children to move out early and experiment with their lives. This in turn will result in children acquiring more exposure and broadening their horizons by making mistakes and learning from them. I will give you a simple example. In many instances you would have noticed that small town boys or girls who migrate to cities at an early age to battle it out for their careers are much more enterprising than the boys and girls living in the big city and cocooned by the comforts and luxuries of city life in their parental homes. I am not asking parents to abandon their children. I am asking them to let them learn to take their own decisions, make their mistakes, learn from them and learn to live independently. This not only instills a sense of responsibility but also ensures that they don't live in an ivory tower and are down-to-earth enough to acknowledge that life comes with its highs and lows. This may not result in the hierarchical caste structure vanishing overnight. But as is always said, culture should be allowed to evolve and news things should take the place of old. We have managed to get rid of sati and child marriage which was once considered to be a part of Indian culture. I hope this evil of caste discrimination too becomes a thing of the past with the youth being allowed to make their own choices over a period of time.